Philosophy of Children and youth ministry

At FBC Newman, we realize how important children and youth are to the church. Our desire is to be a place where children can safely learn about the gospel, hear foundational truths and engage in their faith. We believe that our youth can wrestle with deep truths even at a young age. Our curriculum seeks to promote a firm knowledge of God and to help them immerse themselves into the Bible. Our hope is to place the character of God and the person and work of Christ at the center of all that we teach.

We hope to accomplish this by teaching your child four foundational truths embedded in all of our activities.

1. We desire for children to connect with God.

He is the source of the transforming gospel. We hope to encourage each child, at the earliest age, that God reveals his creativity, love, wisdom, compassion, and goodness in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Our hope is that they will see the supremacy of God in all things as their joy.

2. We desire for children to connect with parents.

A parent is a child’s closest connection to God on earth! While we will point everything back to Jesus, we also want to instill in each child that their parents are the biggest influence in their lives. We desire to equip and encourage each parent through materials to read, training and personal conversations to aid them in engaging with their child.

3. We desire for children to connect with the church.

Jesus Christ came to earth to redeem us and to form us into his bride, the church. Children should recognize the importance of living within the community of God. For children to fully develop spiritually they must be part of the greater body. Children and youth are introduced and encouraged to worship through the music, prayer and the preaching of the Word. We encourage the church at large to partake in the shepherding of our youth whether that be: during the worship service, in the classroom, in conversation following the service or through other events and activities we offer. As the members of our body gather together not just for weekly worship, children will develop relationships with other Christ-centered families who will be a godly influence.

4. We desire for children to connect with our volunteers and their peers.

Our volunteers love to spend time with your children. Volunteers teach and model practical application of the Word through the process of discipleship and guiding youth in their walk. It is our hope that each child will enjoy spending time with our volunteers while interacting with their peers. We want each child to understand that the relationship between themselves and their peers is an important first step to growing within the community of God.

We believe that even within the church, our families must become the foundational location for discipleship. At FBC Newman we seek to foster an atmosphere where parents not only comprehend but grow to embrace their role as the primary spiritual leaders of their family. This does not excuse or remove the responsibility of the church in growing our children. What we desire is that parents would be so captivated by the gospel and their God given role as Father and Mother that they would no longer depend on the children’s and youth ministry as the primary source of their children’s spiritual development, but instead these two ministries would function as a readily available resource to the home.