COVID-19 SCHEDULE IN EFFECT: Sunday morning worship service will be in our parking lot this Sunday at 11:00am so bring your chairs and water. We will also be streaming LIVE on, Tim Rempel's Facebook LIVE, then posted to his YouTube channel and here on our website. We hope to see you here!

Children's Church Online - with Assoc. Pastor Tim & Denise Weimer

Join us on October 4th, 2020 when we begin Powerhouse Kid's at night here at the church at 6pm

Children's Church for May 3rd, 2020 - "Creation"

Children's Church for May 10th, 2020 - "Noah's Ark"

Children's Church for May 17th, 2020 - "The Big Tower"

Children's Church for May 24th, 2020 - "Abraham, the father of a great Nation"

Children's Feature for May 31st, 2020 - 'Pentecost Sunday'

Children's Church for June 7th, 2020 - 'Joseph the Favorite'

Children's Church for June 14th, 2020 - "Joseph Part 2" (Children's Church Bulletin)

Children's Church, June 21st, 2020 - "Joseph Saves the Family"

Children's Church, June 28th, 2020 - "Baby Moses"

Children's Church, July 26th, 2020 - "Moses and The Call"

Children's Church, August 2nd, 2020 - "Let My People Go!"

Children's Church, August 23rd, 2020 - "Rahab and the Spies"

Children's Church, September 20, 2020 - Jericho Falls