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Daily Devotion for July 7th, 2020

John 20:16 “Mary!” JESUS said.

She turned toward HIM and exclaimed, “TEACHER!” 

We believers all love the resurrection story. In it is our proof, our hope, and our future. Three aspects of the story “caught” my attention on Easter:

  1. The disciples did not understand JESUS' death and resurrection. HE told them about it several times. How did they not “get it?” Why didn't they understand? They were walking with the SON! JESUS made it perfectly clear! HIS words always came true! HIS promises to them were right every time! Had the disciples understood and accepted JESUS' teachings on HIS death, they would have felt so much better about the seeming disaster of the crucifixion...

Friends, the words and promises of JESUS and His FATHER are perfect, true, and right every time, whether we believe in them or not, whether we “get it” or don't. I pray that GOD would open your eyes and your heart today to understand the truth of HIS Word and the promises HE has for you. With HIS perspective gained (through the revealing of the HOLY SPIRIT and the reading of HIS Word), your situation will not seem so hopeless, and you will feel so much better!

  1. Broken fellowship with JESUS = a broken heart. At the death of their MESSIAH, the disciples experienced physical withdrawal from the SON. This physical withdrawal left them feeling lost, helpless, alone, and scared! HIS absence from their lives clouded their vision and left them feeling empty. Their SON was no longer shining, and the world went “dark” with all hope lost....

Friends, we too can experience “withdrawal” from JESUS. This withdrawal can be caused by missing our daily Bible/prayer time with HIM, by our own willful disobedience, by our refusal to do things HIS way (we instead do things as we, “the world” think best), by our allowing our thoughts to go down paths we know they should not go, etc… If you are feeling lost, helpless, alone, or scared, ask the HOLY SPIRIT to reveal to you any ways you may have “withdrawn” from JESUS. Once you have repented, HE will bring you back. Don't back into close fellowship with HIM!

  1. Sometimes it's hard to see JESUS in our storms: Mary couldn't “see” her SAVIOR even though HE was right there in front of her! Her tears had clouded her vision, her circumstances had drained her of hope, and the SON's rays could not penetrate her despair...until she heard HIM say her name... “MARY!”

Do you hear HIM saying your name? Use your imagination right now and slip your name into John 20:16....can you hear HIS great love for you in HIS voice? Can you see HIS compassion for you in HIS eyes? JESUS has promised to be “with you always, even to the end of the age” (Matthew 28:20). HE will never let you go.

LORD, help us remember today that YOUR promises and Words are true, whether we understand them, whether we believe in them, whether we live by them, or not. Reveal to us today any ways we may have withdrawn from YOUR presence...then help us to choose repentance and draw us back to YOU. And thank YOU, FATHER, for so intimately loving us that YOU call each of us by name! YOU are with us in the storms! YOU are with us when tears cloud our vision and circumstances drain us of hope! YOU do not leave us hopeless!!! YOU never let us go! AMEN!!!

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