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Daily Devotion for July 9th, 2020

Psalm 118:1 Give thanks to the LORD, for HE is good! HIS faithful love endures forever.

When I was a kid, I used to watch those old movies about the Greek and Roman gods with my dad...the “Sinbad and the Seven Seas” movies. It always struck me how horribly selfish those gods were. They really didn't care about “the people;” rather, they only cared about themselves, about how others perceived them, and about their own power. How horrible is that? Who would want a fickle god like that in control of life? PRAISE GOD!!! Our GOD isn't like that! HE is the definition of “good!” All HE does for us is good! HE works out everything (even the yucky stuff!) for HIS child's good (Romans 8:28)! And HIS love for us, HIS unending, completely sacrificial, always-carrying-us-in-HIS-heart never ending. HIS love for you began before you were born, and will endure forever. Do you get that? Can you wrap your mind and heart around how good HE is and how much HE loves you? I can't! It's more than I deserve, more than I can imagine.....AMEN!!!!

Psalm 118: 5-6 In my distress I prayed to the LORD, and the LORD answered me and rescued me. The LORD is for me, so I will not be afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?

You know, sometimes when I'm stressed out, I forget to talk to the LORD about it....I just get going and start trying to figure out how I'm going to “save” myself. Instead of praying to GOD and asking HIM to rescue me, I try all my ways first. How stupid is that? Our “DAD” is the all-powerful CREATOR of the UNIVERSE!!!! HE longs to show you HIS perspective on your circumstance, to answer your prayer, to rescue you!!!! Don't waste your time trying to solve your circumstances in your own strength—go to GOD first!!! The answer may be long coming, it may not be what you want to hear, but “DAD” isn't in the business of pleasing you...HE's in the business of doing what's best for you—HIS beloved child. Only HE knows what “best” is, whether it seems “best” to us or not (the “hard stuff” never seems best when we're “in it!”). So if “DAD” is working out HIS best for us, we don't have to be afraid—there is nothing that comes our way that is a surprise to HIM! There has never been a time when HE wasn't with you, beloved child of GOD! Close your eyes and picture a “spooked” toddler in a thunderstorm with “Dad”...Can you trust your FATHER and let HIM pick you up and hold you in your storm? You don't have to be afraid in your FATHER's loving, protecting arms!

Psalm 118: 8-9 It is better to trust the LORD than to put confidence in people. It is better to trust the LORD than to put confidence in princes.

It's so easy to be caught up in trusting and depending on people. If you have godly people you can depend on in this life, godly brothers and sisters in CHRIST that you count on to help in difficult situations--that's a blessing from GOD! Our SAVIOR often chooses to use people as “HIS hands, HIS feet,” to assist one of HIS children. Praise HIM for those whom HE has sent to aid you in your storms! On the other hand, they are just people...mere imperfect humans, who make mistakes on a daily basis (just like you!) and they may not be there when you feel you need them most. But that's ok! GOD doesn't want you to be putting your trust in people to rescue you....HE wants you to trust HIM to do it. People didn't create the universe, GOD did. People didn't knit you together in your mother's womb, GOD did. People can't change your situation—only HE can. Put your confidence, then, in the ONE who has the power to do something about your circumstances—HIS name is JESUS!!!

Psalm 118:14 The LORD is my strength and my song; HE has become my victory.

Praise GOD we don't have to count on our own strength to get us through “stuff”—we can count on HIS!!! For you “can do everything with the help of CHRIST who gives (you) the strength (you) need” (Philippians 4:13). That in and of itself gives me hope and peace. Our victory will come through HIM, by HIS strength!!! AMEN!!!

Psalm 118:16 The strong right arm of the LORD is raised in triumph. The strong right arm of the LORD has done glorious things!

GOD is the winner, people! HE will triumph! HE has done glorious things in the past for you! Moreover, HE will continue to uphold you and do glorious things for you.

Psalm 118:28 YOU are my GOD, and I will praise YOU! YOU are my GOD, and I will exalt YOU!

Are you praising your GOD right now? Are you exalting HIM? 

Psalm 118:29 Give thanks to the LORD, for HE is good! HIS faithful love endures forever.

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