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Daily Devotion for June 11th, 2020

2 Samuel 6:14 And David danced before the LORD with all his might, wearing a priestly tunic.

You know, for years I have read this passage and cringed. The background story is as follows: David was finally getting to bring the Ark of the LORD back to Jerusalem. His first attempt to do this resulted in the death of Uzzah because he had not followed the LORD's instructions for moving the Ark. The 2nd time, however, he followed GOD's plans for Ark transportation to the letter (1 Chronicles 15). The 2nd time, he was obedient. The 2nd time, his obedience gave him success. And the success he gained from his obedience gave him an overwhelming sense of joy: GOD-given joy (Psalm 119:1-2, Psalm 119:56, Psalm 119:74).

That joy he felt as a result of his obedience turned his previous mourning (for Uzzah's tragic death, for having to leave the Ark at Obed-edom's home) “into joyful dancing” (Psalms 30:11-12). GOD had taken away his clothes of mourning and clothed him with joy, that he might sing praises to the LORD and not be silent. He expressed this joy with unrestrained “leaping and dancing” (2 Samuel 6:16). Michal (his wife) saw him, however, and was embarrassed and disgusted (1 Chronicles 15:29)--just as I would have been had I seen my own husband doing the same...

But Michal was wrong. I am wrong.

Michal didn't understand. David's joyful dance was innocent and pure. It was unrestrained by the societal rules of the day, by his position as king, by his sex, by his age, by any other rules that “people” would have placed on him to say his dancing in public was wrong. He presented himself to GOD in this moment as a child would have (Matthew 18:2-4): unpretentious, trusting, humble, and with joy bubbling over from the inside out. He HAD to dance!

David was willing to look foolish for his KING. He danced for GOD to express his joy and thankfulness fully and honestly. Oh, to be like that in my own joy-filled, thankful moments! To push past the “man made” rules about worship and come to my SAVIOR as a child, with a skip in my step, a song on my lips, and my hands lifted high!

Psalm 150:4 says “Praise HIM with the tambourine and dancing; praise HIM with stringed instruments and flutes!” LORD, forgive me for so often stifling my praise of YOU! I may be too embarrassed to raise my hands to YOU during worship service...I may be too embarrassed to dance and sing for YOU in public (and let's face it, too much of “that” might land me in the “loony bin!”)...but I CAN wear YOUR smile on my face! I can sing to YOU in my home and car! I can dance for YOU with my children and spouse! I can publicly “step” in rhythm to the song the HOLY SPIRIT is broadcasting from my heart! LORD, fill us with YOUR joy today for all you have done for us, for our obedience to YOU! And show us where we can come to you as a child and “cut loose” in our praise of YOU today! For YOU are an AWESOME GOD!!! YOU are worthy of ALL and EVERY form of praise!!! AMEN!!!

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