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Daily Devotion for June 12th, 2020

John 2:15 JESUS made a whip from some ropes and chased them all out of the Temple. HE drove out the sheep and oxen, scattered the money changers' coins over the floor, and turned over their tables. Then, going over to the people who sold doves, HE told them, “Get these things out of here. Don't turn MY FATHER's house into a marketplace!”

You know what is amazing to me? I am amazed by the things that didn't make JESUS angry. Specifically, HE didn't get angry when...

  1. his mom asked HIM to “do something” about the “wine-less” situation at the wedding.
  2. the HOLY SPIRIT took HIM into the desert to be tested by Satan, on a 40-day empty stomach!
  3. his own people didn't recognize HIM as GOD's SON.
  4. the disciples didn't “get” His parable teachings.
  5. people didn't believe in HIM.
  6. Judas betrayed HIM.
  7. HE was wrongfully arrested.
  8. Peter denied HIM...3x.
  9. Thomas needed to see JESUS himself before believing HE was alive.
  10. the Roman centurion had more faith than HIS own Jewish people.
  11. HE healed, but wasn't thanked.
  12. HE was hardly ever left alone.
  13. HE gave all of HIMSELF, and received practically nothing in return.
  14. so few people followed HIM for the right reasons.
  15. John the Baptist was wrongfully beheaded.
  16. people wanted a healing “sideshow” instead of wanting “the” LIVING WATER.
  17. the disciples had so little faith.
  18. a pushy mom asked if her boys could sit on either side of JESUS in HIS Kingdom.
  19. people held on to their “mud pies” instead of following the true BREAD OF LIFE.
  20. the religious leaders plotted against HIM.
  21. Peter and the sons of Zebedee couldn't keep their eyes open in the garden.
  22. they spit in HIS face and struck HIM with their fists.
  23. they slapped HIM.
  24. the religious leaders mocked HIM.
  25. the murderer Barabbas was released instead of HIM.
  26. Pilot refused to stand up for CHRIST's innocence.
  27. they stripped HIM and put a scarlet robe on HIM.
  28. they made a crown of thornes and set it on HIS head.
  29. they mocked HIM and said “Hail, King of the Jews!”
  30. the SON OF GOD was flogged.
  31. they divided up HIS clothes by casting lots.
  32. JESUS was hung on a cross.
  33. the robber at his side hurled insults at HIM.
  34. JESUS, an innocent man, the SON of GOD, paid for the sins of the world.

JESUS, the spotless lamb, GOD's only SON, never got angry over what was done to HIM. Instead, HE got angry when “stuff” blocked peoples access to HIS FATHER. Turning GOD's temple (a place of worship), into a marketplace and blocked people's was NOT OK. The extra rules and regulations the religious leaders placed on GOD's people blocked access to HIS FATHER...those rules were NOT OK. The hypocrisy of the Pharisees and religious leaders turned people away from GODthat was NOT OK...

LORD, so much of the “stuff” we get mad over really doesn't matter, does it? Help us be like YOU, JESUS. Fill us with righteous indignation for the “things” and “people” in our lives that block access to YOUR FATHER. Let everything else, LORD, be like water on a duck's back! Help us “shake off” the other stuff and “let it go.” Only one thing matters—YOU, dear JESUS! Only YOU! Amen!!!

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