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Tizimin, Yucatan Mexico Mission Trip

January 3, 2019 to January 10, 2019

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Category: Missions

Updates from our Tizimin, Yucatan Mexico Mission Team


Day 1

Hello everyone at FBC and other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Today was amazing.

Are 1st training session was today.

We then went into the areas where Mayan people live in poverty areas and passed out a small gift of food.

  1. 2 Tuna cans,  mayo, crackers and a message from Christ. 20 houses total. They received our gift with great gratitude. 

  2. We had a chance to talk with each families. We broke up into 3 groups. Most of the families received the gospel with a humble attitudes. 26 adults received Christ. We were in the streets for about 1 1/2 until Pastor Cruz said come on we need to go. I believe we were in such amazement of how we were being received in each house and people wanted us to pray for them. Thanks Pastor for being our shepherd.

  3. Later that day after our lunch we went out and passed out flyers for our Eyeglass Evangelism Event we will do in the Plaza in a couple days.

  4. Our last event for the day was we went up to a church called Grace Place and conducted a VBS with 20 children from ages 4 to 12 yrs old. We had 2 rotations going after our Bible study. Crafts and Games. We had a very blessed time and the kids remembered the returning team members from last year and met some new ones this year.

DCI-Owner Operations Bill Craven mentioned to us in our training, that we are here to establish credibility for DCI and their ministry but most of all to bring the same gospel presentations. 

I hope you find this 1st email a blessing and we appreciate all of your prayers.

Blessings from Tizimin, Yucatan.

Bro. Paul Marquez


Day 2

Hello everyone to the North of us,

Brothers and Sisters you are truly being heard here, please continue to fast and pray for us.

  1. Training class was great this morning. We learned what is 'Conducting Missionary Service that Hurts the culture' vs 'Conducting Mission Work that benefits the culture. 

  2. Next we had breakfast and got ready for our 2nd VBS at the same church as last night, 'Grace Place', which started at 11am and ended at 1pm.

  3. Grace Place continues to minister to the people in their neighborhoods. Personally, what amazes me, is they actually plant a small church in the smack middle of each very poor area. They actually bring hope, joy, truth and love - Jesus. The Mayan people have so much gratitude that Christians are willing to come to them and put a building right between shacks. The work needs to start somewhere. Faith, Faith and more Faith. We need to trust in our Lord and you can actually see it in the Leaders here, but it comes from you; who me? Yes, you. Your donations, prayers and trust in our Lord Jesus Christ. 

  4. Their Leadership appreciates our enthusiasm in conducting a simple, caring and enjoyable VBS. They're learning from us as much we are learning from them.

  5. We got to see other workers, like neighboring teenagers painting their Pastor's house. You're probably thinking wow, a parsonage...4 bedroom and 2.5 baths worth $300,000...wrong. The house is the size of a 1 car garage, which would cost about $12,000 when it's finished. Very interesting.

  6. It's been a blessing seeing our, and your team teaching Sunday school lessons, crafts and games. 

  7. After the morning VBS we took the team for a treat. We visited a restaurant called 'Yepez' for lunch, known for the best tacos and guacamole. We had a couple of tacos and some guacamole before dinner. Dinner here in Mexico is usually a lot later than America, but since we are on a time schedule we eat dinner at 4pm.

  8. After dinner we went to rest a little and then eventually got ready for round three, which would be our last VBS at Grace Place from 6pm - 8pm.

  9. The last VBS are usually the toughest ones because you really do build relationships, especially since this was the 2nd year. The Mayan children do remember you. They just love on you and don't want you to leave. Gifts were handed out to each child that were prepared by our crafts team. A group picture was taken before they adjourned back to the DCI camp. 

Sincerely we thank you for your faith in our Christ and Lord.

Bro. Paul Marquez


Day 3

Hello brothers and sisters,

It was an incredible day out here again. I hope one day you'll be able to experience a mission trip. I personally can't believe I took so long.

Our 3rd day of training was incredible. We had 2 different sessions; one before and one after breakfast.

  1. We learned how DCI organizes outreach programs. Their philosophy is FRIENDSHIP and EVANGELISM. a) Develop friendships with the people, b) organize a service project (eye glass evangelism) and c) prayer projects.

  2. We looked at this philosophy through a different microscope and tried to really understand how this would work. I personally had doubts, that while we were here at home collecting simple objects to give the people, they would actually come and sit down with us in order to build relationships.

  3. We had Evangelism training with the reading eye glasses after breakfast. That was so much fun and funny.

  4. Our event was set up at the fairgrounds. We had a pretty cool spot and a line that wouldn't stop coming. We did it for 1 1/2 hours. We had to cut the line off because we were so crazy swamped.

  5. During our time there we had so much fun with the Mayan People. We explained that we were from the US and were missionaries. We explained that we wanted to help them to read a little more clear. We had them read a small custom printed up pamphlet that DCI developed, that would also be used to introduce them to Jesus.

  6. Once we were able to determine the diopter number they needed for reading glasses, we wrote that number down on the pamphlet so they could pick them up at the table in the area the glasses were being kept.

  7. Waiting next to them at that table was a minister and Pastor Cruz. They congratulated them and asked them if they could see clearer. That's where the Gospel comes in. Jesus makes us see clearer once we receive the Holy Spirit. Eventually the plan of salvation was presented and was received very well.

  8. We handed out 138 readers, 46 people were saved and 6 others asked for prayer.

  9. Quality work really pays off here; genuinely having patience with the Gospel and not rushing yourself keeps you on task, as well as making them feel like you truly care...which we do.

  10. Building that relationship as you provide a service was so cool. Giving them the Truth and Love of the Gospel made us say, 'WOW, they are actually agreeing with the Word of God.'           OKAY take a deep breathe here; the day is not over yet. We came back to have lunch and rested, then we had dinner at 4pm.

  11. We got ready to go to the church in Chenkeken, a small village about a half hour away, with a few hundred people who live in mini houses with a hut roof. Again, planting churches in neighborhoods between very poor areas. The church was very nice. We could say it was the nicest property in the far as we could see.

  12. Our team lead the worship music (Corritos) with one of their drummers. We prayed and then we had our mini VBS, during which time Pastor Cruz preached the Gospel to the older children and adults.

  13. Our mini VBS was conducted for the first time here. Last year we didn't have this for them. Pretty cool. They had a small Bible study and a small craft to do. This all took about an hour.

  14. I personally got a chance to see Pastor Cruz in action. It's been many years since I've heard him...since before he became a Pastor; it was during his training. He's a very powerful and humble preacher. The Mayan people were so encouraged through the message God gave him.

  15. Afterward we handed out food for 2 hours. Check this out...again, 2 cans of tuna, mayo and crackers, which is almost a full day of wages for the very poor. We then gave 15 old & new testament Bibles for the pastor to hand out. We gave them 30 new testament Bibles and each person got one today, a soccer ball and pump, a couple of fleets, 1/3 of the shawls that were donated from all 3 churches, 1/3 of all the sweatshirts that were donated from all 3 churches, and a Theology Bible for the Pastor.

Brothers and Sisters, your prayers are continually making an impact in the Mayan cities here. Please don't stop...we need every ounce of your strength and faith to keep us going.

Thank you again!!!

Bro. Paul Marquez


Day 4

Hello my Brothers and Sisters,

We're moving along great and at the same time we never know what is ahead of us, and hoping for a continual blessing. WOW, the Lord is GOOD!

Note from yesterday's report: Chenkeken has a few hundred Mayans and we did play some simple games inside the Pastor's house. We had about 12 kids who attended.

  1. We get up every morning to a glorious deep voice, some loud cool Christian music and a knock on each door with a shout of victory saying "GOOD MORNING TIZIMIN TEAM". We love every minute of it. 

  2. We had our training from 7:30-8ish and breakfast at 8:15am. Training was confirming Bill's affirmation through so many of our testimonies. We did a lot of testamonies by expressing our experiences and by actually seeing DCI's Christian Structure (Systems in Operation) really does work. A. Friendship Projects. B. Service Projects. C. Prayer Projects.

  3. DCI's Mission is to Mobilize, to Develop, to Evangelize and to Make Disciples. If your up for a challenge make the time next year, if not, that's ok. Please continue to support this Mission and the planting of churches going on here.

  4. Bill talked about 2 things. Don't waste peoples time and money. He gave some great examples that would take a lot more time to explain, but one thing is cool...we are recording his voice and we have a lot video as well.

  5. One of our tasks here was to eventualy paint a church by the name of 'FERNANDO'S church'. More to come on 'Fernando's church' when we have our Mission Emphasis Night at FBCN this month. Hope to see you all there.

  6. We painted a newly built church with a team of 16. WOW, what a blessing to get an opportunity like this; we had such a good time and painted for about 3.5 hours. It was actually 5.5 hours, but we had to make some adjustments such as set up and brush all the newly textured brick walls, which was not a big deal. We took a 30-minute lunch, cleaned all of the mess and we packed up before we headed back to DCI. We can't wait to show you pics and video, and hope you have had the chance to see some pics and videos online.

  7. Had a little time to rest and have dinner at 4pm. 

  8. Off to our 1st set of VBS. A church called SUCOPO, which is about 20-minutes away. You're in for a big surprise. Attendance was 50 kids under 5 yrs old, 34 were above 6 yrs and UP and some others didn't want to participate. Talk about an INCREDIBLY big problem. Ask our team, lol. I told them this is an awesome problem but more like a challenge. GIVE TO GOD, GIVE IT TO GOD, RIGHT? So many adults were watching, at least another 40 to 50; it was a packed house. 

  9. So much love and work is needed there. There's a huge need for Sunday School teachers. They have a beautiful layout but not like the U.S. Again, building a church in the middle of HUTS. Their church is of great value to them, but they recognize that it's just a building and they do expect order from their church.

  10. We got back a little tired so we stopped by a store and got some sweet bread. Some of us had tea and coffee. What a blessing to sit around Godly friends and celebrate God's work.

The work here has totally blessed us all, as well as the surrounding communties. God is tremendously at work. God's hands are stamped throughout, but it wouldn't be possible without your continual prayers and God's answers.

God Bless!!!

Bro. Paul Marquez


Day 5


Hello my friends in Christ,

Isn't it so beautiful to be His servant, to be chosen by God in order to spread the Gospel and to be able to call upon His Son Jesus Christ all day and night. We could go on and on...


Our Glorious Father, we so much want You to take this responsibility (Lord's work) away from us, but like Christ did (YOKE), we know we have a duty to be obedient, we are actually called to be. God give us the desire and power to combat our negative thoughts about ourselves, that we can't do it. Lord, nothing is impossible if we just put ourselves out there for You and for Your people. Holy Father, forgive us when we doubt ourselves and help us to believe we can do it. Help us stop making our schedules so busy that it keeps us from really loving You, our families, doing Your work, and most of all, really loving on people. In Jesus' Name, Amen, Amen...

1. Waking up on today was like what we call it back home..."ITS HUMP DAY" & we're a little tired. We had our 5th day of training.

2. The 3 Myths about Missions:

Please don't take this wrong regarding our ANNIE ARMSTRONG, CMO & LOTTIE Offerings; it's, very important that, you church, understand what I'm about to write...

A. Throwing money at a few pictures on a wall works and is effective. I personally remember hearing this from Pastor Kurt. When you send your money to a missionary, do you really ever see what is happening, go and visit the location or get involved for that week? You will understand the needs more. I personally was thinking, that would be awesome, but this will never happen. How can we? The committee knew if we were able to ever take on a big project like this, it would need to be a gigantic plan. Do we even really have the finances and people that want to do God's work outside of our U.S., especially when our church was cut in half at this time? This is going to take a committee that needs to be committed and hearts challenged and completely changed (bought in). So what happened? We pushed forward, had faith, had a vision, and a plan. Talk about vision, hard work and faith. Church, thank you so much for making this possible 2.5 years ago. Pastor Kurt, Pastor Bruce Lane and now our new Pastor, Tim Rempel are continually supporting us. God has now provided us a 2nd trip to a wonderful, peaceful place with the Mayan people in Tizimin, Yucatan.

B.There are areas of the world where missionaries are not needed. Sometimes churches just may need support but not necessarily planting a new church. What we are seeing here in Tizmin, is that churches are being planted in each town and the surrounding areas.

C. I will stop there as I'm giving you too much info. Come next year and find out for yourselves, church. We love YOU.

3. Another day in the field. We continue to paint the church we started last week. It's looking beautiful - see above.

4. We did our 2nd VBS at Sucopo. It rained a little but we managed to carry on. We need to always be ready to accept change or it will eat you alive. It was good. This small, tiny community has a lot of kids. Attendance was down a bit, but I got a real feeling that it may be a giant party tomorrow.

You can make a mission trip seem impossible and even over complicate it, but remember, plans always change. We can't thank you all enough for your prayers and support. Please be praying for the follow-up process; they're really good at it here. We are seeing the fruits, but most of all, the Youth really need your prayers here. God, please send a great revival in our souls.

Thank you for your time,

Bro. Paul Marquez


Hello friends and families,

We have a good good Father and that's who He is. 

Last training session:

Do we come back to our Country feeling bad because we have everything or do we come back with gratitude and enjoy our blessings? It's ok to have good things, we just need to appreciate them and learn to bless others.

A.It was such a blessing to see how much this team truly gave their hearts to Jesus and to the Mayan people. Everyone gave their best. Was it perfect? No. Was it pleasing to the Lord? Of course. 

B. We must learn to grow in the Lord as we do His work and when we share the Word of God. We must do this: Believe, Trust and have Faith in our Lord as we do any of our church trainings, activities and structured strategies.

C. Maybe some of us will call it good and never go on a mission trip again, or just be inspired by the Holy Spirit and continue to work in Tizimin, that would be up to the Lord. But whatever it is, we should try our best to cherish what we experienced and tell others about Jesus.

D. Sometimes we think of all the sacrifices we went through to get here (finances we spent, overcoming safety, left our professions, and lastly saying good bye for a short period of time to our loved ones) but then we ask ourselves, did I really sacrifice anything? Personally, I do think so, but not as much as we think.

E. Jesus gave us His authority after His resurrection to the 70 when He walked on earth for the 40 days. So what does that mean to us? Are we actually using what God gave us? Ponder over that question for a bit and then pray over it. PAUSE...and do it. We usually question some things too often, and it's usually because we really don't understand it. I truly believe the root cause of this is we are not in His Word enough...I'm guilty of this.

Day 6:

1. There were so many nuggets here it almost seems unreal. We can write about, show you pictures and videos, but you can never truly understand (talked about this earlier) it until you experience this on your own. 

2. When you are able and willing to, that's when you will finally know what it means to take up your cross. We promise, you will be so suprised.

3. We did eyeglass evangelism again at the fairgrounds; 17 were saved and we prayed over 21 people. We gave out about 80 reader glasses. Many blessings.

4. We did our last evening VBS at the SUCOPO church. WOW, what a party; 40 small kids <6 yrs and 70. Small kids >7 yrs old. 40 to 50 parents. Beautiful, Beautiful night. So many hugs from the kids up to the adults. Check this out...this church has doubled since the last time we came. They are hungry for the Lord.

I leave you will these last words:

You want to be blessed? Give your heart to Jesus. You want to make an impact on someone's life? Give your heart to Jesus. You want to have wisdom and be able to share it well? Give your heart to Jesus. What does that look like? Read the whole Bible in a year, really? No. It is a good, good thing, please don't misinterpret what I'm saying...we should be doing this, but we need to focus our mind and heart on the gift we received, Salvation in Christ Jesus. Don't hold onto it. This is the best gift you can receive without any cost. Remember, He already paid the price for us on the cross. 

I hope you all find these words encouraging!!!

Thank you all for your prayers. Please continue to pray for our safe travel back to our homes in Newman, Hilmar and Modesto.

Bro. Paul Marquez

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