Hi guys!

Our Men's Group continues to meet every Thursday evening, submit your prayer requests to Our Heavenly Father, and study His scripture. This Thursday evening at 7PM we'll be discussing the attached study questions as our guide. Each week's study questions will be posted here ahead of time, and once you've joined us, I'll simply send you a copy each week at your email address.

Please consider joining us if you possibly can. Here are the questions for this Thursday's study. Ezekiel 28a study questions

Mike Dalton

Ironmen - 'Iron Sharpens Iron'

FBCN desires to see men take on their God given responsibility to lead within the church and within their home. Men are to lead in the same way that Jesus did, as a servant. This is not an easy task or one that should be taken lightly. The Lord has been gracious in giving us other men to help and aid us in being faithful to Him with our lives. The Men's ministry offers Christ-centered teaching and accountability. Through our ministry we hope to equip men to serve the Lord in all areas of their life; family, church and vocation.