Join us sundays at 9:45am Bible Study, 11am Worship service & 6pm for Pastor's bible study & Youth

Hi guys!

Hello Men,

Join us every Thursday evening at 7PM for a meaningful gathering where we share our prayer requests and delve into the teachings of Our Heavenly Father through His Scripture. This week, we'll be exploring the attached study questions together as our guide. Ezekiel 40

We believe in the power of coming together and learning from each other, so please consider joining us at the church if you're able, and feel free to reach out if you need the study questions sent to your email address. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

Warm regards,
Mike Dalton


Ironmen - 'Iron Sharpens Iron' 

FBCN aims to empower men to embrace their divine calling to lead within both the church and their homes. Just as Jesus led through service, men are encouraged to do the same. This responsibility is neither simple nor to be approached casually. Thankfully, the Lord has blessed us with fellow men to support and guide us in our journey of faithfulness to Him.

Our Men's ministry provides Christ-centered teachings and a framework of accountability. Our mission is to prepare men to honor the Lord in every facet of their lives, including family, church, and work. Through this ministry, we aspire to equip men to serve wholeheartedly in all areas of their life.