IMG_1182Pastor Tim & Miriam Rempel - Pastor Tim & Miriam Rempel are no strangers to FBCN. They moved here in 2002 from Manitoba Canada. Some of our people from FBC, Newman helped them move into their Newman home and they quickly began attending services here. Soon after, Tim became our Associate Pastor until he felt the call to be a Senior Pastor elsewhere. After many years, God has called Tim & Miriam back to FBCN and we are excited as we begin this new ministry together.



57592841054__3BD21F9B-60D2-4446-855B-FADCE92BEB3B.fullsizerenderAdmin. Assistant - Ruth Carey is the office administrative assistant. She makes sure everything gets done and is organized. She has been faithfully serving in this position since October 2002. She is married to Bob and has three children and five grandchildren.