The Church is OPEN for Sunday morning Worship only. Sunday school is still on for Adults at 9:00am.

If you're not comfortable attending church right now but wish to watch the whole service live, click on the Zoom Live-Stream box.

Sunday Worship

God calls His people (the Church) to gather with one another to worship Him and to grow together in our faith. Our morning worship service is at 11:00am with safety precausions set in place by the CDC.


Sunday School - ONLY ADULT Sunday school online

We offer classes for the whole family. Sunday School begins at 9:45am. It is an opportunity to explore both the great overarching truths of the scriptures and the fine intricacies of the Lord and our Christian life. Children and youth are encouraged to join one of our classes. We also offer classes for adults.  



When it's safe, we will have an evening of service with prayer and teaching. This is an informal time for us to gather together to worship the Lord as we dig into the Scriptures.